very special wines from our friends to you

​The wines we bring to the U.S. are as unique and special as the people and families who produce them.  Our portfolio is purposely small and focused, the commitment of these producers to their wines is absolute.  
Txakoli Getariako
Basa-Lore is one of the oldest Txakoli wineries in the Spanish-Basque region,
harvesting the best quality since 1930. Founded by the Lazkano and Huegun families-now on the 4th generation. Located in Getaria-Zarautz, next to the Atlantic Ocean in North-East Spain. Produced only with the indigenous local grapes- Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza.  The wines from Basa-Lore have a touch of salinity , on 10 acres of north facing vineyards. Lahu is a combination of the founders last names -LA-Lazkano and HU-Huegun.
Txakoli Getariako
HIRUZTA is not only a winery… it is a philosophy of life.
The name of the winery itself encompasses the very heart of our project.
HIRUren UZTA, A THREE-PERSON HARVEST. The brainchild of a father and his two sons, Asensio, Txarli and Angel Rekalde. Our passion and love of the world of wine was what inspired us to create our own txakoli wineries in one of the most beautiful locations in the Basque Country: Hondarribia. What was once a shared dream is now a reality.
Pago Calzadilla
pago Calzadilla 

Beginning in 1980 by the Uribes-Madero family, Pago Calzadilla is a small bodega located near Cuenca, south-east of Madrid.  They produce wines of high distinction from 49 acres. Calzadilla is a Pago, and the only bodega in the DO Pago Calzadilla.
At the westernmost end of the Celtic Atlantic corridor, in the lands of Galicia, José Chaves Chaves founded the CHAVES winery in 1955, with the same name for its wines. From parents to children, continuity was guaranteed, and the generational shift boosted the dream first, bringing vigor and drive to an increasingly stimulating and dynamic project. Val do Salnes.
 They actively assisted in the creation of the renowned Rías Baixas Designation of Origin, proud to be listed as the 2nd winery registered in the D.O. of Rias Baixas.
Ribera del Duero
Marques de Velilla

Established in 1985 by the Segovian family. The year of 1989 brought the purchase of the Monte Villalobón estate outside the small village of La Horra in central Ribera del Duero and in 1996 the move to the Estate became permanent. 370 acres with 9 distinctive terroirs make up Marques de Velilla.

Bodega Carlos Moro
Created in 2014 outside the town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, in the very heart of Rioja Alta, this winery is set apart by the passion of one man and his many talents as a farmer, grower and maker of wines: this man is Carlos Moro. Extending underground to impressive depths, this winery sets out with the aim of setting the standards in wine-making, in a region in which the hallmarks required to become a benchmark are excellence and quality.
Ribera del Duero
Bodega Matarromera
Bodega Matarromera is rooted in Valbuena de Duero, birthplace of Tempranillo in the Ribera del Duero. Founded in 1988 on the flank of hill that faces the midday sun, the serene Douro River can be seen from the winery itself. This welcoming winery is the perfect place to produce aged wines. The conditions in its semi-buried warehouses are perfect for creating wines where the balance between the oak and the Tempranillo grape takes the limelight. The first Bodega Matarromera vintage won the Gold Medal at the International Wine Competition. This was an incredible starting point for a story replete with success. Matarromera means loosely-rosemary bush, that populated the vineyards before vines.
Ribera del Gállego-Cinco Villas
The Tenia family has had a long history of farming around the town of Ejea de los CaballerosIn 1999, vines were planted on perfect Garnacha plots with a stunning view of the Pyrenees.  2003 was the first year of business. Located in the Cinco Villas area of Ribera del Gállego (VDLT).
Bodega el Transito
At the end of the 19th century Pietro Marini left his native town, Rosciolo, Italy,  to begin his path towards  a better future in Argentina.  He settled down in Cafayate, land of grapevines and good sun.  Two of his children, Benjamin Andres and Pedro Moises, followed in his footsteps.  They produce truly wines of character.         Family owned, and operated by Andres Nanni.