2011/2012 classic

region:     do Pago calzadilla

varietal:  60% tempranillo

                     20% cabernet sauvignon

                     10% syrah

                     10% garnacha

Acres: 20

Soil: Calcareous clay

Age of Vines:  

  • Tempranillo 19 years

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 21 Years

  • Garnacha 35 years

  • Syrah 14 years

Production: 25,000 bottles (4,166 cases x 6)


  • 12 months new french / new american oak of 300l & 500l

tasting notes: Dark cherry color. Predominant aromas of ripe cherry and light red flesh fruits along with a bit of eucalyptus. Characteristic hints of tobacco, licorice and vanilla. Balanced fruit on the palate from start to finish. Well-rounded with good acidity that ensures it will evolve well over time. Long, expressive finish.



  • 92 points 

2011/2012 allegro

region:     do Pago calzadilla

varietal:   100% syrah

Acres: 9

Soil: Calcareous Clay

Age of Vines:  13 years

Production: 11,000 Bottles (1,833 Cases x 6)


  • 12 months french oak Barrels of 500L and 300L & finished in French oak Barrels of 3500L.

tasting notes:  Medium intensity dark cherry color. Penetrating fruitiness (blackcurrant, raspberry, cherry) and floral reminiscences. Pepper, cinnamon and cocoa aromas. Full of subtlety. Unctuous sensation on the palate and fine mid-palate. Well-construed tannins, silky, fresh and with a delicious finish.



  • 92 points                       (2011/2012)

2015/2016 opta

region:     do Pago calzadilla

varietal:  60% tempranillo

                     20% syrah

                     20% Garnacha

Acres: 25

Soil: Calcareous clay / sandy loam

Age of vines: ​ 

  • Tempranillo 11 years

  • Garnacha 35 years

  • Syrah 10 years

Production:  30,000 bottles (5,000 cases x 6)


  • 12 months in French and American oak barrels of 300L and 500L and in French oak barrels of 3500L

tasting notes: Dark cherry color, very intense. Aromas of raspberry and cherries. Spicy hints of cloves, nutmeg and white pepper. Reminiscent of rosemary and hawthorn. Fresh but unctuous, providing volume. Well-polished tannins and precise balance between fruit and wood.



  • 92 points (2015/2016)

Matelot 2017/2018

region:     do Pago calzadilla

varietal:   100% Garnacha Blanca

Acres: 4

Soil: Calcareous clay

Age of vines:  6

Production: 5,000 bottles (833 cases x 6) 


  • 6 months on the lees

tasting notes:

Pale straw yellow color. On the nose, tropical fruits, melon, green apple stand out. Cedar resin notes. It is perceived very elegant with minerality. The palate is fleshy, round, subtly sweet, broad and very balanced.